2017 Cannabis Round up

Posted: December 22, 2017

It’s year three of recreational legalization in Colorado and as so many things in life, so much has changed yet all the while remaining the same. The most recent big time event is the closing of all Denver Sweet Leaf Dispensaries. This came as a big shock to the Denver community because it was only one of a handful of times the Denver police department has taken action to shut down dispensaries and suspend licenses. We learned that some of the budtenders working at Sweet Leaf had been “looping.” Looping is the term used to describe a customer that buys over the amount (one ounce for recreational, two ounces for medical) allocated by amendment 64 by leaving with a “full” purchase only to come right back again and buy another “full” purchase. It will be interesting to see if any sort of legislation or tracking product (which they have for medical, but not recreational) comes about because of this event. (Source: Westword)

Medical Cannabis Research is going to be in full swing thanks to some new regulations that will take effect January 1st of 2018. Cannabis has been studied for many, many years now, but what has changed is how that happens and who gets to research it. According to Westword, new licenses will be handed out so that cannabis research can begin in the state of Colorado and the industry as a whole can work together to hold the cannabis industry to the highest standards of safety and regulation. (Source: Westword)

Contrary to popular belief, the social consumption licenses in Colorado do exist. It allows businesses to create an environment in which the public is legally allowed to consume. So why aren’t they all over Colorado? The hard truth is that there are many rules and regulations that have to be met. In other words, it is not easy. And businesses aren’t ready to take the leap just yet. (Opening a dispensary was easy because it started out as medical for a few years before recreational licenses were even a part of the conversation). But on the flip side, it is something to potentially look forward to in 2018. (Source: 303 magazine)

Here are our top ten Colorado Cannabis Headlines that were in the news in 2017

  1. Some Colorado Police Chiefs and Sheriffs shift attitudes toward recruits’ past marijuana use (Source: Denver Post)
  2. Following marijuana legalization, teen drug use is down in Colorado (Source: Washington Post)
  3. Op Ed: Keep your hands off Marijuana, Jeff Sessions (Source: Westword)
  4. First Colorado business to allow marijuana consumption prepares opening (Source: Fox 31 Denver)
  5. Colorado podcaster wants to pay you to change your major to cannabis (Source: The Cannabist)
  6. Cannabis Invention of 2017 Awarded to AeroInhaler THC infused Inhaler (Source: Cision PR Newswire)
  7. Colorado Keeps cannabis tax promise, funding two new mental health clinics (Source: The Cannabist)
  8. Marijuana prices are plunging in Colorado, and that could be bad news (Source: Yahoo Finance)
  9. Colorado surpasses last year’s marijuana revenue with two months still to go (Source: Denverite)
  10. More Veterans parlaying their military skills into cannabis careers (Source: The Cannabist)
  11. Bonus: In-N-Out is expanding to Colorado (Source: Business Insider)