When Coco Chanel said, “Success is often achieved by those who don’t believe failure is inevitable” she could’ve easily been speaking about Tenicia Lowrie, formerly Tenicia Bradley, co-founder of Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutiques since 2014. When Lowrie made her (fashionable) entrance to the budding Cannabis industry, it was very much a man’s business; very much a scary business.

“I wanted to change what people experienced when they came to a dispensary,” Lowrie says. “I wanted our Cannabis Boutiques to be safe places where people could feel comfortable while visiting.”

It wasn’t going to be an easy task. The fledgling recreational Cannabis industry had spilled out to the market with little forethought given to customer experience. Early recreation facilities were more concerned with profits, less concerned with the people who visited. “Even though it was legal, it still seemed seedy; like you were doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing when you came in,” Lowrie continues. Years of the methodical routine of corporate compliance but with the eager rush that only a true entrepreneur ever experiences, Tenicia Lowrie began where any woman in business might begin when building a successful company. She started building a family. “From the beginning, I decided I wanted to hire people who had passion – not just about Cannabis, but about their own lives, too and I wanted to help them to get to their goals, I wanted them to feel like they were working towards something if they worked for me. That became my goal.”And it shows. When customers visit a Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique, they’re met by Cannabis Advisors who’ve been encouraged to learn each customer’s unique story. “I love to shop,” Lowrie says proudly, “the experience of buying something is made so much better when I walk into a place and the employees know my name, when they remember parts of my life, it shows me they care about me as a person.”

This nurturing starts with the cultivation facility, where each plant is meticulously cared for from the clone to flower. No part of the cultivation process is automated and each plant is nurtured, inspected, and tended to by hand.When the buds are delivered to the boutiques, they’re weighed with each individual purchase, deli-style. Nothing is prepackaged. Cannabis Advisors are trained to ask questions of each visitor, to take a genuine interest, to glean personal information about purpose, use, habits and expectations so that an educated recommendation can be made about strain and method of ingestion. The goal? Each customer gets the experience they’re expecting.

Lucy Sky isn’t merely a Cannabis provider, it’s a company with a conscience. Lowrie is focused on the health and wellness of children. The mother of four is passionate about making her community a better place for kids, she’s passionate about making the world a safer place for them. For everyone. Children’s charities and community giving are priorities for Lucy Sky. Employees are encouraged to volunteer and to give back.

Lowrie casually mentions, “When I started this company, my goal was to change my occupation. Then I decided I wanted to change the industry. And now, I’ve realized, I’m able to change lives. Whether it’s the lives of my customers who are seeking the recreational enjoyment of Cannabis for the first time; patients who are treating ailments like seizures or anxiety; my employees who are real people with real goals or the lives of the next generation of people who live on this planet with me. I don’t think that’s impossible, we’re doing it every day. One experience at a time.”

Because like the legendary business woman who changed an industry, Coco Chanel, -Tenicia Lowrie’s never believed, not even once, that failure was inevitable.