Guest Post by Philippa Burgess

One of the awesome perks of working in the cannabis industry is all of the interesting businesses and people I come to know. Recently, I got to take a field trip over to Lucy Sky’s Cannabis Boutique on South Broadway.  I was there to understand more about what sets their Cannabis Advisors and business apart. And, why any newcomer might want to consider making this Rec + Med dispensary their home. Ultimately, I concluded, I felt I was in a safe, warm and relaxing space — among trusted professionals, who make you feel like family.


Dispensaries are commonplace in the metro area, and it’s exciting to be able to have the access and freedoms not available in so many other states. To put this in perspective, there are more dispensaries than there are Starbucks locations. Yet, with the density of retail marijuana shops along the Front Range, it’s good to take a moment to see what sets them apart. I had the privilege to sit down with Brittany — a Cannabis Advisor at Lucy Sky’s Cannabis Boutique.

I met with Brittany at one of their three Denver locations. The South Broadway dispensary is housed in a duplex at the corner of a busy commercial location and a quiet residential street. The blend of city-suburb gives you easy access and ample street parking. I then walked down the quaint street with adorable manicured houses coming in from the back, as the sidewalk eased up on an access ramp leading me up to the front porch. Upon turning the corner I immediately saw the two doors that faced Broadway – one for medical patients and one for recreational 21 and over with the Medical door on the further side. Although the house had been there a lot longer than Lucy Sky’s Cannabis Boutique, the dispensary felt like it was perfectly molded to fit this structure.


What once served as a residence, now serves as a comfortable and welcoming abode for a company that prides itself on its personal touch. The wooden front door is unlocked and when you step through the door the house space immediately makes you feel very much at home. Stepping into the front foyer, I inhaled the strong aromatic scent of cannabis that filled the air.  A friendly staff member welcomed me through the service window. The wood flooring, the brick fireplace, the Oriental rug and the leather couch all add to the warmth. While you wait, a flatscreen television plays entertaining and informative highlights of some of the popular brands they carry.

Brittany came out to join me in the waiting area and we chatted at length. She said there are many regulars who frequent any one of their three Denver locations. She confirmed they typically know exactly what they want and the staff at Lucy Sky more often than not, knows their products and preference. Notwithstanding its frequent customers, she elaborated that one of Lucy Sky’s unique value propositions is how much the staff is able to cater to newcomers. Lucy Sky’s Cannabis Advisors are committed to listening closely, asking the right questions, and deeply exploring a customer’s needs around cannabis products, experiences, and wellness.


What sets Cannabis Advisors apart from traditional budtenders across town is Lucy Sky’s commitment to consumer education. The cozy interior matches with the intimate and extended conversations Cannabis Advisors welcome having with every person who walks through the door. Regardless of experience or complete lack thereof, they want you to be completely comfortable and fully cater to your needs. I could imagine for a first-timer, their well-stocked shelves might seem a bit overwhelming – but I promise you have nothing to fear. With Brittany and all of her colleagues, I am confident you are in knowledgeable and caring hands.

From our conversation it was clear, whether your goal is to get high, to get well, or to just take the edge off and relax a bit – Lucy Sky’s Cannabis Advisors can help you get the right products for the right outcome. Once they understand your objectives they will then learn more about what type of experience you are are seeking.  They will then gear their recommendations to your preferred method of consuming — smoking, ingestion with candies, cookies or beverages, concentrates through vaping or dabs or topicals from salves and massage oils to an array of bath products. We talked about the fact that some people prefer smoking, while others are looking for non-smoking options.  Lucy Sky’s Cannabis Advisors can speak at length to the benefits of each type of consumption as well as all of the brands, products, and flavors/scents they carry.


It was great to learn that for those who want flower, Lucy Sky is proud to have its own cultivation facility where it grows all of its own cannabis. It holds a high standard for natural and compliant cultivation practices to keep consumers safe. Strains that either test high in THC (over 30%) or are much rarer, are part of their Diamond Shelf options. Some of the favorite strains they carry that set them apart are: Wookie, Medicine Man, and Mars OG.  


Brittany was generous with her time and knowledge, and I completely trust you can expect the same. Whether you have an idea or what you want or are starting out looking for information and recommendations, Lucy Sky’s Cannabis Advisors are here to help you. They are all well-informed and have spent time in the cannabis industry. These cannabis professionals have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of Lucy Sky customers – slowly and patiently. A Cannabis Advisor has a deep interest in sharing the benefits available from each and every product, Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique carries. I left with the confidence that Cannabis Advisors are committed to sharing their passion and experience for the benefit of customers.


For an outsider who became an insider in Hollywood, and now again in the cannabis industry – I can say that I am thrilled to be able to call Lucy Sky’s Cannabis Boutique my new dispensary home. Of their plentiful stock, I’ve had a chance to try a handful – yet Brittany and her colleagues got me even more excited to experiment with some other brands and products. On my next visit, I know for sure they have a Coda bath bomb, some Mary Jane’s Medicinals salve, and an Ascend vape cartridge with my name on it.

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