Cannabis Cultivation Photography

Posted: October 26, 2016


Part of cannabis cultivation photography is knowing where to stand and how to shoot. We have all seen photography quotes that can be used to tell a story, demonstrate an idea or support a thesis. Ansel Adams is without a doubt, one of the greatest photographers of all time.

His insight, keen eye and skill at developing photos will enshrine him in the minds of every photographer who picks up a camera to capture a moment and scene in nature for the rest of time.

His quote is most appropriate for this post about cannabis cultivation photography. Understanding how to take photos of a cultivation facility is a challenge. Framing the shot, knowing how to capture the intricacies of a plant being grown under harsh grow-lights, finding the right angle and ultimately, knowing where to stand.

If you’re not aware of how a cultivation facility works, it is essentially this – dedicated building(s) to help grow a large amount of plants under ideal conditions. In our case – cannabis. What that means is there we’re growing plants from seed to harvest. Each stage has different demands, requirements and needs to help get the plant we want.

That’s a pretty simplistic  description – it’s actually quite complicated – but it gets the point across. Why does this matter? Because, when it comes time to taking photos of the plants growing, you suddenly have a large set of obstacles as a photographer.

We love the challenge and we love finding that perfect place to stand to show our hard work in a beautiful photo. Plant and nature photography has been a subject dating back to Adams and it’s no different today. When you see a beautiful plant, you grab your camera and you take a photo. While we are no doubt biased, we think it’s hard to deny the beauty of the cannabis plant.

With that being said, please enjoy some of our favorite shots from the cultivation facility taken in the last month or so. From

seedlings all the way dried, trimmed and ready to ship to the boutiques.