Cannabis Newbie: Smoking a bowl of Willie’s Reserve Lemon Skunk

Posted: January 24, 2017

Guest post by Mike M.

In previous installments of Cannabis Newbie, I’ve touched upon a number of things, including familiarizing myself with the cannabis plant, what concentrates are and more, but I hadn’t yet written about actually trying any product.

Well, in the late fall last year, I bought a variety of products at Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique in Wash Park. Those products included Stillwater Green Tea, Blue Dream pre-rolled cones from Lucy Sky, Angel Salve from EvoLab, and a few more. Last, but not least, was the purchase of 1G of Willie’s Reserve Lemon Skunk. The Cannabis Advisor at Wash Park sold me on the positive effects of smoking Lemon Skunk (uplifting, happy and that it would make me feel creative). I wanted to try it and do some writing on my website or my book, all prospects that seemed motivating enough.

Being the newbie that I am, I wasn’t quite prepared for how strong it was when I smoked it.

In anticipation of this experiment, I upgraded from a small stone one-hitter to an actual pipe. Naturally, being the nerd that I am, I got the pipe called “Sherlock.”

Now, the first thing I did wrong was packing the bowl. I did a bit of research and knew I needed to grind the herb prior to packing the bowl. I don’t own a grinder. My fingers did their best at breaking it up into smaller pieces.

The second thing I did wrong was actually packing it. I didn’t know if it should be loosely packed to allow good airflow, packed tight to ensure the flame lit the most amount of weed. Totally clueless, I went with a happy middle ground.

I lit up using matches initially before flying through them fast due to a mild wind, and switched to a lighter. Immediate puffs, and smell, showed off the skunk smell. The sensation of smoking it was a slight burning and it made me cough more than a handful of times. It left a strong ash flavor in my mouth.

Over the next 15 minutes, I took around 5 decent hits. I wasn’t feeling much yet and decided it best to call it there and go back inside.

It wasn’t long after that I started to feel a little fuzzy, smiley and happy. I was enjoying the feeling – until the rest of my hits caught up. After ten minutes, I felt like I went from buzzed to absolutely hammered drunk.

I felt dizzy, my head felt heavy and I couldn’t get the taste of ash out of my mouth. The feeling of this high continued to intensify over the next 30 minutes as well. I found myself describing it to my wife as if I was watching a movie but it skipped every other frame. Time felt to move quickly, but I also knew I was walking slowly. It was a surprise to say the least at how quickly it hit me (pun intended).

Feeling absolutely worthless, I called it an early and forced myself to fall asleep. This was a challenge all in itself as the Lemon Skunk did feel energizing. It wasn’t a calm and relaxing high.

Now – with that said, I realize in retrospect that I smoked way more, and more quickly, than I should have for someone who doesn’t smoke. As this whole column is about sharing the experience of a newbie to legal cannabis, it’s worth noting that I’m willing to smoke this again and then update this post with that experience.

If there’s a takeaway from this for other newbie smokers out there, it is the following – smoke less than you think you’ll need. You never know how what it’ll take to knock you on your ass!