Cannabis Newbie: Trying A Topical – Angel Salve

Posted: February 3, 2017

Guest post by Mike M.

Awhile ago, I purchased some Angel Salve at the Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique in Wash Park. Evolab‘s Angel Salve, as the name implies, is a salve that you rub onto your skin wherever you feel pain. I’ve now been using the product for a few months and feel like I can give a good account on it. My intended use is for lower back pain that I get occasionally.

How it looks

The salve is a light brown, almost golden color. This comes from the extraction process of the cannabinoids. It’s very soft, like a paste almost for styling your hair. It isn’t sticky at all, applies smoothly and melts a little in the warmth of your hands.

How it smells

Extremely pleasant! In a product stocked with essential oils, the citrus scent is very prominent, but so is the cannabis smell (from cannabis oil), although it is certainly less so than the citrus.

How it feels

Within a few minutes of applying the salve to my lower back, everywhere I applied it suddenly felt a bit warmer and slightly tingly. It was a very comfortable feeling. The warming feeling lasted about 30-45 minutes, but I noticed that my back pain (which is mild and not constant) did go away within the first 10 minutes. The relaxing feeling lasted well over a couple of hours and I’ve yet to feel like I needed to reapply another time during that day.

The treatment using the salve was so impressive that I actually didn’t notice the pain was gone until I thought about it.

Final verdict

Rather than popping ibuprofen every time my back tightens up, this has been a wonderful solution. While it does smell pleasantly of citrus, coconut and other essential oils, the smell of cannabis oil is quite prevalent. If this is a concern for you in any way, then take it into consideration. Otherwise, I think it’s an awesome product and plan to continue using it when needed!