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Witches Weed

Witches Weed represents a Dutchgrown Seeds/Reservoir Seeds joint effort. This hybrid represents three of the world's finest marijuana varieties; SFV OGKush, Chemdog D and Cinderella 99, all hailing from the stables of Reservoir and Dutchgrown Seeds. Reservoir's hard hitting SFV OGKush- ChemD and Dutchgrown's carefully selected C99 from Bros. Grimm will deliver mind blowing qualities you'd expect from this marriage of potency and taste! Expect eye-crossing potency and an oddly fruity flavor that leaves little clue of this strains strong Kush genetics. Perfect for kicking the mind down a notch after a long day, Witches Weed is an all-time staff favorite.

Flavors: Fruity, Sweet

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Strain Origins

SFV Kush x Chemdawg D x Cinderella 99

Disclaimer: THC percentages vary from batch to batch

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