Edibles are the single most purchased cannabis product in the state of Colorado. They are inconspicuous, often don’t smell like cannabis, and are a literal snack, who doesn’t love snacks? And while those looking to elevate their experience know edibles might just be that Hail Mary they were searching for, often times people are unsure of best dosage practices. This makes sense though,  until fairly recently, edibles were a handmade treasure and dosage was an unknown characteristic. The quick answer for edible dosage is the age old “It depends on your body and your metabolism.” This is a very valid and truthful answer, but gives no sort of jumping off point for people to begin from. Therefore, the first thing to note about edible dosage is that the recommended dose is 10 milligrams. It’s a nice, round number that is easy to work with, both mathematically and conceptually. This means that most single gummies, individual cookies, or even cap full’s of honey are going to be dosed out in 10mg increments. If the container of granola squares holds 100 milligrams, there would be ten squares and each granola square would be 10 milligrams. No brainer.
Back to the “it depends on your body and your metabolism” line. While 10mg may be a recommended starting point, it is by no means ruling law over your individual body. Start low, go slow. Edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half to really work their magic, know that. Avoid the classic over indulge, while also knowing if after two hours from your initial intake you think you want more, it’s all your prerogative. And of course,  your body, your rights. Take one tiny seed from that whole container of trail mix if you want to, 10mg eat your heart out. See, unlike an opened bottle of wine or beer, edibles and cannabis have longer shelf lives.
Pro Tip: It may seem counterintuitive to stuff your body with other foods or dilute a good thing by drinking water, but eating before consuming an edible makes said edible work better and drinking water is the secret to a good high.
Once the ominous cloud surrounding the cannabis edible unknowns subside, a whole world of experience opens up right before your eyes. Eating an edible does not look the same as it once did. Brownies and cookies are by no means the only players in town. In fact, sweets in general are getting a run for their money. Everyday new edibles come along, sugar-free, gluten-free, healthy even. Companies like Binske, while they make a wonderful, luscious  chocolate bar, also manufacture honey and olive oils made with cannabis. People are claiming stake in high end cannabis cooking. The argument to include quality ingredients in your edible is a valid demand and companies are paying attention. When you are ready, the newly pioneered world of regulated edibles is vast and bursting with options.

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