Guest post by Mike M.

Welcome to the world of cannabis! First, a bit of background. My name is Mike Mierendorf, I’m the Content Director for KB Branding and we are responsible for the website you are currently on, as well as some other aspects of the marketing and branding for Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique.

Second, I am new to the cannabis industry. Working with Lucy Sky has been an amazing new introduction to a world that until August of 2016, I had little first-hand experience in.

My family has lived in Denver since 2011, so I can proudly say I was here to vote on Amendment 64 in November 2012 and voted yes! We saw the launch of the recreational movement when the first recreational stores opened their doors on January 1, 2014.

Third, I think it’s important to give my background and experience in the world of cannabis. I almost never smoke (less than 10 times in my entire life) and have never used edibles or concentrates before. I have been to a few different dispensaries and legally purchased cannabis. I’ve failed miserably at rolling a joint more than once. I ended up put my Super Lemon Haze in a one-hitter after those failures.

However, why should you care? Because, maybe you’re like me and you’re new to this world as well. Maybe you’re afraid to ask questions or haven’t done the research. Maybe the lingo in the industry is foreign to you and you’ve never been privy to a moment to be educated about what shatter, dabs, bowls, nugs or flowers are.

Well, stick with me. I’ll do my best to break apart some stigmas of the world of cannabis and breakdown some of that lingo that still goes over my head. Just a handful of weeks and I can tell you this much; the responsible and serious cannabis industry at Lucy Sky is absolutely no different than brewers from a craft brewery in Denver.

It’s passion, love, knowledge, experience and a desire to change the industry that are guiding the company. Instead of hops, barely, yeast and water; it’s plant, fertilizer, gro-lights and water. The excitement that a brewer has about their product is the exact same that a grower has. It’s been amazing to see that with my own eyes. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned, what I will learn and what I don’t even know I’m going to learn with you soon.