I got my MED card and this is how it went down, a third party narrative.

Posted: December 12, 2017

This blog post is written by a third party perspective and by no means reflects specific intensions or beliefs held by Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutiques.

I decided to get my medical cannabis card for a few reasons. At first, it was the alluring idea that I would be able buy more than 100mg at a time for my severe lower back pain and constant headaches but it also dawned on me that I could get a better price on my cannabis purchases through my MED card. What I learned was that having a MED card is similar to having a bargaining chip, dispensaries want you to sign over your MED card because that, in turn, means that they receive your plant count. As you may or may not know, everything in Colorado’s cannabis industry is highly regulated. I say that only to say this, dispensaries can not grow plants willy nilly. Every single plant is tagged and is specifically for recreational sales or medical sales. When you sign over your MED card, essentially, you’re giving the dispensary the right to use your plant count, within their Medical plant count.

A few friends and I decided to go get our cards together. In hind sight, the process was very easy and it could have been done alone. It was nice, however, to be among friends while doing this new experience. We met up at nine am in downtown Denver. We had made an appointment a few days earlier. There are many a doctors office that specialize in marijuana medical cards, pick which one works for you. Once you have done so, bite the bullet and make an appointment. It is an easy way to hold yourself accountable, in case you are a bit nervous about the whole process. Also, in case you were wondering, insurance does not pay for this appointment, we’ll look to the future for that. We walked into a building, similar to a row house, very inconspicuous, and signed in. The thing is, if you are looking for a traditional, sterile, doctor’s office, you won’t find it here. While the office that we went to was very, very clean and the staff was very friendly, it did not smell of chemical air sanitizers or have silly waiting room music playing in the background. Instead, there was art on the walls, lots of chairs, and a ton of helpful information about cannabis. After we signed in and told the front desk that we had appointments, we were given two sheets to fill out. It asked the usual questions; name, birthdate, etc. It also asked what the reasoning for your request of a medical marijuana card.

Some people think this is the scary part and if they don’t get this question right, they will be kicked to the curb and publicly scrutinized. But here is what really happens, you write down whatever it is that you want to help alleviate with cannabis. Yep, that’s it. The reality is that there are certain things that will qualify you for your medical marijuana card and there are things that won’t. However, when it is your time, the doctor will see you and talk to you about what is going on, and ultimately, it seemed like he or she is the person who makes the call. I wrote that I had sever menstrual cramps, lower back pain from sports when I was younger, and constant headaches that I have been suffering from since I was a child.

When I met with the doctor, I discussed these issues with him. We talked about my pain, the state of the world, and an old song that had my name in it. Like I said before, if you are looking for a traditional doctors office visit, this is not it.

I was approved for my MED card and then went on to pay ($90 out the door) and began creating my online profile with the Colorado Medical Department with the help of a staffer. I consider myself a fairly tech savvy millennial but was happy to take the computer help provided. After a few days, I was able to print out my card and signed up at my favorite dispensary as a Medical member.

Other things to note:
My friends that came along with me were not millennial. In fact, there was a whole array of ages and genders in the waiting room.

When going to a new dispensary (one in which you are not signed up as a medical member), you will be required to bring a copy of your Medical card with you.

The reason medical cannabis is cheaper than recreational, say it with me… taxes.

So it’s a decision you have to make with yourself, should you invest in your Medical cannabis card, but whatever your decision is, know this; the process is harmless and though sometimes cannabis can seem like a big, ambiguous cloud, it isn’t. Think of yourself as a pioneer in this new and budding industry. Your experiences are what is going to help shape, evolve, and perfect this system. Enjoy to novelty of it all.