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Cannabis Topicals – What Are They? 

CANNABIS NEWBIEWHAT ARE TOPICALS?Let’s dive into the topic of Topicals! SEP 8, 2018469LETS LEARN ARTICLE BY “Topicals allow the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC in various formulas) to be absorbed directly into the affected area rather than the whole-body effect that comes from edibles and cannabis flower.”FacebookTwitterSome of the […]

Recipe: Cannabutter 

COOKING WITH CANNABISCANNABUTTER Recipe and Photo Source: The CannabistSEP 8, 2018186 LETSCOOKRECIPE FROM THE CANNABIS”No denying that cannabutter is the, well, bread and butter of the cooking with cannabis process. Here’s a great place to start for your cannabis cooking needs.”FacebookTwitterFollow the directions, and you will make the best butter your weed […]

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies 

COOKING WITH CANNABISHOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATECHIP WALNUT COOKIES Recipe by Leafly.com112LETSCOOKRECIPE BY LEAFLY Let’s face it, everyone is bringing a bottle of wine to the holiday party. Be the one to spruce it up a bit with a batch of freshly baked, homemade medicated fluffy chocolate chip walnut cookies.FacebookTwitterThere’s no […]

Recipe: Cannabis Coconut Oil 

COOKING WITH CANNABISCannabis Coconut Oil Recipe by Herb.co156 LETSCOOK RECIPE BY HERB.COMaking cannabis-infused coconut oil can be quite the process. Expect to wait several hours for the mixture to be ready for use. FacebookTwitterWHAT YOU’LL NEED: 1lb (16oz) organic, unrefined coconut oil1-3 Ounces of one the best weed strains or the […]

Recipe: Canna Oil 

COOKING WITH CANNABISMAKING CANNA OIL Recipe and Photo from Herb.coSEP 8, 2018469LETSCOOK RECIPE BY HERB,COAny affordable virgin olive oil works nicely for this recipe. If you plan on using your Canna Oil for salad dressings or pasta, we recommend you use a fruity extra-virgin olive oil.FacebookTwitterINGREDIENTS 6 cups olive oil or […]

Recipe: Mac and Cheese 

COOKING WITH CANNABIS SMOKY MAC & CHEESEPhoto and recipe from The CannabistServes 4-6469LETS COOKRECIPE FROM THE CANNABIST Let’s face it, while it rarely gets down to bone-chilling temps in winter, there’s always a time for some home cooking, comfort-style, mac and cheese. Here’s a tasty recipe from The Cannabist. Enjoy!FacebookTwitterWHAT YOU’LL […]

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