Ending The Stereotypes 

 Guest Post by Kristi Etter By most people’s definition, I am a pothead, a stoner, a burnout… you know, one of “those” people. I come from the Midwest, so I am fully aware of the labels and preconceived notions about people who partake in cannabis consumption. Growing up in Iowa, I smoked as teenager; and […]

Colorado and Cannabis 

So, you're from out-of-state and you're planning a trip to Colorado. Whether you're coming for business, or pleasure to see the city or it's just a stop on your way to the Rockies, maybe you've wondered - what's it like to buy legal marijuana? Can walking into a dispensary in Colorado to buy cannabis really […]

Being A Cannabis Advisor 

Guest Post by Kristi Etter When describing my job to my guests in the store, my friends, or anyone really, I can’t help but think of the scene in Pineapple Express when Dale Denton (Seth Rogan), says to his pot dealer, Sol (James Franco) “You have the easiest job on earth, you smoke weed all […]

Lucy Cares Makes Donation to DPS Elementary School 

On the beautiful fall morning of Tuesday, November 1st, members of the Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique management team gathered at Goldrick Elementary on the south-side of Denver to make a donation to the school and students. With a collection of school supplies and a monetary donation, the team proudly wore their Lucy Cares shirts and […]

Lucy Cares Visits Grant Street Reach Soup Kitchen 

The Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique teams, along with members of Willie's Reserve in Denver, assisted in the food service at Grant Street Reach in mid-December as part of Lucy Cares charitable outreach. Grant Street Reach primarily acts as a soup kitchen, serving over 800 meals every Monday to those in need. GSR also provides additional […]

Lucy Cares Visited The Children’s Hospital of Colorado 

Lucy Cares Visited The Children's Hospital of Colorado Without a doubt, the trip at the end of February to the Children's Hospital of Colorado was an unforgettable one for Lucy Cares team. The Lucy Cares team met hospital volunteer staff, and together distributed 100 stuffed pandas to registered patients at the hospital. "There's nothing more […]