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Cannabis has a rich history of medicinal use dating back thousands of years and spanning across many cultures. The tradition has evolved tremendously with more and more research to back up claims of healing. Lucy Sky takes pride in providing the best medicine for our patients. Our knowledgeable Cannabis Advisors are here to guide you to the right medicine for whatever condition you may struggle with.


We teamed up with Colorado’s best extractors to bring the highest quality of concentrates to any dispensary in Denver. Whether you’re looking for revolutionary new techniques like solvent-less water hash and live resin or more traditional concentrates such as bubble hash, wax and shatter we’ve got you! Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about cartridge refills and vaporizers. We’ve got all of your concentrate needs and wants covered.


Marijuana edibles have become increasingly popular in Colorado as an alternative to smoking and vaporizing. With a wide variety of products, our shelves are always stocked with goodies. Edibles enter the bloodstream through the liver instead of the lungs so effects can vary greatly from person to person and the onset is delayed so we like to say “start low, go slow and ALWAYS keep away from children.”

Our Locations