There are so many wonderful reasons to want to make cannabis a part of your health and wellness. It’s known to treat over 40 medical conditions from anxiety to chronic pain and inflammation. It can elevate mood and deliver a sense of calm and confidence. However, if you are just starting out, you may want to embrace the motto to start low and go slow. Experienced users can appreciate the change of pace that a controlled dose offers. Either way, when you choose microdosing, you won’t be alone.


Microdosing is the hottest trend in cannabis. It’s a safe and easy way to get the all benefits without being intimidated or overwhelmed by the potential buzz. When considering any type of cannabis, you want to consider how much THC is in a dose, and the length of time between doses. Here in Colorado, a regular size dose is regulated at 10mg. Though lately, a 5mg microdose is becoming ever more popular among consumers. Low THC products are now becoming the fastest growing market segment.

The microdosing experience is available to you through edibles, vaping, and tincture. With edibles, it is recommended for you to wait 45 minutes with the full effect happening in 2-3 hours. You are more likely to feel the effects from vaporizers and tincture either immediately or within 20-30 minutes. Finding your sweet spot will take time, patience, and practice. Your unique metabolism and physiology can affect your experience. Yet you can go forward with confidence that you are not going to overdo it on your first time out.


Microdosing creates a mellow and focused feeling. It can also lend to being more creative and happy. However, cannabis is a highly personal experience and the various products and dosages will resonate differently with everyone. This is also another reason for people opting to ingest a lower amount in order to see how their system individually responds and then make adjustments to achieve the ideal result. Microdosing helps you start using and experiencing the benefits of cannabis, at your own pace.

Part of the practical appeal is that microdosing products are individually packaged. There is no need to exhibit the enormous self-control it takes not ingest a whole delicious full-size cookie, which may contain more THC than someone without experience or the desire for a heavy impact, might want. Low dosages of cannabis does not intoxicate the user. Rather it produces subtle but noticeably-appreciated benefits. It also reduces and distributes over time, any potential downside, which with larger doses can include becoming stoned, paranoid, or lethargic.


Another attractive feature is that is a cleaner, more discrete, and a methodic way to consume your product. It is logical and disciplined. If you are looking for a full euphoric experience that may result in couchlock, we have other products for you. But if you want to use at a minimum level of effect, microdosing is your best practice. We recommend you try different methods, from cookies and gummies to vape pens, teas, and tinctures as you may find some more effective than others for your particular needs.

A few of our microdosing products include:

  • Stillwater Tea Products – serving size 2.5mg THC per tea bag ($20)
  • Stillwater Ripple 20:1 (CBD:THC Powder) – serving size .5mg THC per packet ($24)
  • Wana Strawberry Gummies 10:1 CBD:THC – serving size .5mg THC per gummy ($20)
  • Stratos Tablets 2:1 CBD:THC – serving size 2.5mg THC per tablet ($50)
  • Better Concentrates Hemp Seed Oil Tincture – serving size 3mg per 1/2 dropper ($15)


For anyone who is new to cannabis, microdosing cannabis makes good sense. Regular cannabis users now have a greater ability lighten the impact, or to pace themselves with greater precision. At Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique, our Cannabis Advisors are here to answer your questions and find the right microdose products for you. Visit us at any of our Denver Metro locations (Broadway, Wash Park, Galena).

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