Product Review: NRx Lucy Sky Live Resin

Posted: May 17, 2017

Guest Post by Kristi Etter

I will admit, the longer I’m involved the industry, the harder it is to impress me with a product. Besides the fact that I have an extremely high tolerance, I am finicky about my cannabis products. Just as some people are wine connoisseurs, I am a cannabis connoisseur. I appreciate things like aroma, texture, taste and terpene content. I have a true love for cannabis in all of its forms and I appreciate it when a product is grown and/or manufactured well. Once in a while, I stumble onto a product that I simply can’t wait to sit down and write about…

During our monthly ‘supply run’ to Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique in Wash Park, we decided to try their new Live Sugar Resin by Natural Remedies. Just after removing the lid, the aroma quickly filled the air and our nostrils, like Bugs Bunny floating across the air to scent of a carrot, we had to have it.

The product itself was absolutely beautiful, golden yellow with a sugary consistency. Natural Remedies best describes their process from their website:

              “The final product stage on the “live resin timeline”, sugar takes the longest to produce because it is a chemical process of crystallization which is different for every strain. When the concentrate reaches a suitably-purged live resin texture, it is left to continue reacting in the oven until the THCA begins to crystallize and push out the other constituents such as terpenes, leaving a product which is something like wet beach sand in consistency; essentially just crystals soaked in a terpene and flavonoid solution.”

The strain we chose was “Stardust Sherbert” a double sativa-hybrid blend. During the day, strains like this are perfect for remaining medicated while staying functional and active. Plus, sativas can provide a burst of creative energy which is perfect for when I need get my writing done. I micro-dose throughout the day by vaporizing hash oil with a dab straw to control severe anxiety. This product was absolutely perfect… high cannabinoid content, excellent consistency, and a beautiful aroma bouquet. This resin has an airy sweet aroma with strong citrus notes in orange and lemon, yet with slight piney undertones. The result is a delicious and functional, yet euphoric and uplifting effect with a strong energy. I painted our shed, landscaped with rocks gathered from our land, and managed to find time and creative energy to write, too.

New cannabis users be aware, live resins are highly potent products often testing above 90% THC. Hash oils of this caliber are to be used with caution. Understand your tolerance level and know what your body is comfortable with before diving into a product as potent  and pure as live resin. This product is best suited for cannabis veterans and medical patients who need higher dosages.

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